Teaching design in emerging countries

A train-the-trainer methodology


  • Arianna Vignati University of New South Wales
  • Busayawan Lam Brunel University
  • Philip Azariadis
  • Silvia D’Ambrosio Politecnico di Milano
  • Spyros Bofylatos University of the Aegean


Indian universities, Integrated product design, Interaction design, Train the trainers, Human centered design, Strategic design, Blended learning, Design thinking


Design disciplines have constantly evolved to keep up with the emerging demands of the 21st Century. Design education is thus called to change its methods, tools and approaches. There is an increasing interest in emerging economies in design education, especially in India, where the role of creativity, communication and technology can support social and economic development. This paper aims to present the educational approach developed in the context of the Erasmus+ KA2 project entitled ‘Design and Innovation Capacity Building in India/DESINNO’. The modernisation and internationalisation of Indian universities with innovative and contemporary design courses have been the main goals of a set of research and training activities. In this paper, the state-of-the-art methodologies in design thinking, sustainability, design research, social innovation and ethical issues in design are presented, leading to a bespoke educational approach that provides a platform for Indian design academics to apply modern educational approaches
to their specificities and needs.

Author Biography

Spyros Bofylatos, University of the Aegean

Dr. Spyros Bofylatos holds a doctorate in theory of Design from the Department of Products and System Design Engineering of the University of the Aegean. His research sprawls around Design for sustainability, craft, service design and social innovation. His work is based on creating meaningful dialogue between the theoretical framework and the sociotechnical propositional artifacts that embody different questions in a Research through Design approach. At the very core of this process lies the notion that we live in transitional times and fostering the discourse that leads to networks of artifacts that embody alternative systems of values is necessary to move away from today’s unsustainable society. My main research interests are:
• Design for sustainability
• Research through design
• Nature centered, indigenous design
• Values-Based Design
• Social Innovation
• Service Design
• Material Driven Design
• Design Fiction
• Material Design for the Circular Economy
• Autoethnography in Craft
• Plouriversal Ontologies
• Tacit Knowledge and Design
• Making and Digital Crafts




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Vignati, A. ., Lam, B., Azariadis, P., D’Ambrosio, S. ., & Bofylatos, S. (2022). Teaching design in emerging countries: A train-the-trainer methodology. DISCERN: International Journal of Design for Social Change, Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 3(1), 54–66. Retrieved from https://designforsocialchange.org/journal/index.php/DISCERN-J/article/view/78